We had so much fun making our robots move through "The MAZE"
A gardening robot to water your plants!  Wouldn't it be cool if your kids could program a robot to clean up their room!  We have the perfect place for them to start...sign up today for our programming classes!

Yes, I know that many think I am "Certifiably Crazy" about robots and now I have proof... I am Certified by the Carnegie Melon Robotics Academy!  I completed a 6 week online course in EV3 Professional Development.  Each online session was about 2.5 hours, then we had weekly homework and challenges!  

I just finished the online test and here are my results:

"Successfully completed the EV3 Robotics Programming training course held by Carnegie Melon University's Robotics Academy and passed the accompanying written Instruction Proficiency Examination at at exceptionally high level."

Do you still think I'm crazy?!?!  (Don't answer that!)

Okay, so maybe we aren't eating outside today since it is still chilly and there are snowflakes in the air but isn't this courtyard cute?!  This is where we will have our lunch during our robotics camps!  Of course there won't be snow still on the ground in June - right?
We just got home from the Minnesota FIRST FRC Regionals at the U of M!  So cool watching the big kids and their robots!  We talked to many of the kids on the high school teams and they said they started with the Lego NXT Robots!  Here is a pic of the Stillwater Armada team #2508 robot.  Robots are Cool!
The boys and I met with Avery Cropp over at the Stillwater Gazette on Monday to show her some of our cool robots!  Her article is in today's paper!

Local family makes business out of robotics
Signs are up for Robot Adventures, LLC at our location in Lakeland Village Mall!
Looks like we had a little email issue :-(  So sorry if anyone tried sending emails and received an error message!  Things should be fixed now - If you sent something to us and received an error, please resend, we want to hear from you!
The website is up!!  Soooo excited and soooo nervous!  We have so many ideas for other classes/camps/opportunities - if there is something you think we should offer, let us know!


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