Okay, so maybe we aren't eating outside today since it is still chilly and there are snowflakes in the air but isn't this courtyard cute?!  This is where we will have our lunch during our robotics camps!  Of course there won't be snow still on the ground in June - right?


03/21/2016 4:27am

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03/12/2017 9:59pm

It's my first time to see something sludgy and beautiful at the same time. If not for the risk of sliding, I think it would still be an awesome place to have lunch even if there is a little snow. I really like how this place looks. I love the paint job and the color of the walls and floor. I am glad you posted this. You gave me an idea what to do with my porch.

11/04/2016 10:55am

Who painted this wall? Looks beatiful. I am very impressed.


I would love to take part in your robotic champs. Just send me the rules please/.

05/31/2017 10:39pm

I am very glad to read this post right here. Jeannie is a lovely mom and she is very much capable of looking after her kids. Kids will be crazy always and I think she can tolerate them in the right sense. Keep sharing!


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